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  • HYPREX hydraulic & electrical manufacturing co.ltd , a very famous manufacturer in technical innovation , mainly specialized in the production of big precision mechanical equipment and metalworking , imported many precision machine tools from European country and merged many European advanced technology . nowadays , hypres’s products and service covers a very broad field : metal mould , rubber and plastic mould , metal structure , rubber product , hydraulic valve , hydraulic control device , plate vulcanizing machine , Ultra-High Pressure Hydraulic Press (Cold isostatic press wound with steel wire , Hydraulic Press for pressing metal plate ) . can offer the customer very high precision and qualified product and service .

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Professional and high-quality products provide your trustworthy brand one-stop

   Professional manufacturer

No matter quality or service, we have experienced more than ten years of testing. We always adhere to the belief of "quality assurance, service first"

Over the years, we have been making solid equipment, which is our credit guarantee. If you want to buy good equipment, choose HYPREX is the best choice in your life.

Professional quality is well known

We always insist on high quality. Any parts and components have been selected, and the quality can stand comparison

After more than ten years of user inspection, the product has always been a highly valued brand

Professional experience and technology, the leader of manufacturing and processing of large-scale ultra-high pressure equipment

 Complete models

Specializing in the production of ultra-high pressure hydraulic press enterprises.

The main products are: cold / warm static press, food static press and products, household food static press, ultra filtration overpressure sterilization water purifier, beverage normal temperature overpressure sterilization machine, ultra-high pressure plate forming press, large-scale forming hydraulic press, fracturing pump and pump set of fracturing truck, five metal mould and other hydraulic equipment or components (ultra-high pressure booster, plate heat exchanger hydraulic wrench, vulcanization pressure Machine, hydraulic control device and valve)




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