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Ultra high pressure food processing equipment

Release time:2020-06-09 14:27

Ultra high pressure food processing equipment

This is a frame structure. The main engine is mainly composed of working cylinder, frame, lifting device of upper end cover, frame drive device, etc. Its main stressed parts are composed of working cylinder and frame. Working cylinder: the working cylinder adopts prestressed steel wire winding structure, the upper and lower end covers of the working cylinder adopt floating knot, and the upper end cover is equipped with automatic exhaust device. When the frame bears the pressure of the working cylinder, the axial force transmitted by the upper and lower covers adopts the prestressed steel wire winding structure. This kind of structure has the characteristics of reasonable stress, safety and reliability, high fatigue strength, compact structure, light weight, etc

Product features
·The ultra-high pressure vessel is limited by the frame, with long service life, automatic opening, high degree of automation and relatively high price.
·Ultra high pressure vessel is made of ultra-high strength stainless steel double-layer sleeve or steel wire winding, which has excellent corrosion resistance and greatly improves the fatigue life of ultra-high pressure vessel.
·The pressurized medium can be used in the research of food industry and biopharmaceutical industry, or in the research of powder metallurgy, ceramics and other materials.
·Equipped with computer PLC control software, it can realize high automation.

Equipment model: FIP 600MPa / 4 × 200l-4 × 300L
★ working pressure: 0 ~ 600MPa
★ equipment power: 132kw
★ effective volume: 4 × 200l-4 × 300L
★ inner cabin dimension: ID Ø 280-350mm
★ installation dimension: 15000 (L) × 10000 (W) × 1800 (H) mm
★ installation mode: horizontal installation working temperature: room temperature ~ 80 ° C
★ pressurization time: less than 5 minutes
★ working medium: water
★ inner sleeve material: 316 stainless steel

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