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Technical requirements of warm isostatic press

Release time:2020-06-08 13:16

With the development of technology and the development and application of various powder forming processes in various material fields, the mechanical equipment that can meet the requirements of these material forming processes, such as temperature isostatic press, has gradually entered the field of vision of people.

At present, the manufacturing technology of warm isostatic press in China is relatively immature, and some advanced technologies introduced from abroad have made the domestic warm isostatic press lack of technology and insufficient quantity of use, which restricts the development of material field requiring warm isostatic press.

The reason why the warm isostatic press is so valued by the domestic and foreign markets is mainly from its different environmental technology of isostatic pressure. Especially in the field of aerospace and military materials, the production and application of these materials can not be separated from the environment of high temperature and equal pressure to a large extent. The reason is that the strength and hardness of aerospace and military materials are very large, so it needs a very harsh environment to soften and reprocess them, which can be achieved by the temperature static press.

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