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Factors restricting the development of warm isostatic press

Release time:2020-06-08 13:18

With the development and application of powder forming technology in high temperature refractories, carbon materials, ceramics and rare metals, more and more attention has been paid to the warm static press which can meet the requirements of these materials. However, it is also because the manufacturing technology of warm isostatic press in China is not very mature at present. At the same time, foreign developed countries have some restrictions on the introduction of such equipment in China, which makes the development of warm isostatic press in China Limited to a large extent.

The accuracy of pressure control is one of the problems that need to be solved for the temperature isostatic press in China. The main factors affecting the accuracy of pressure control are as follows:

1. Temperature. Temperature is a very important factor that affects the accuracy of pressure control. When pressing different blanks, the temperature in the working cylinder will be different. The different temperature will affect the viscosity of the medium oil. The change of viscosity will directly affect the speed of pressure relief, and then affect the pressure precision control in the process of pressure relief.

2. The reciprocating motion of the supercharger in the boosting stage will cause the pressure fluctuation.

3. During the pressure relief process, the medium oil brush scours the relief valve core. In the process of pressure relief, the medium oil in the state of high temperature and ultra-high pressure will have a strong scour on the valve core of the pressure relief valve, so the diameter of the valve core will gradually become larger, resulting in the decrease of pressure control accuracy.

4. Oil leakage. Because the working temperature and pressure of the warm static press are relatively high, the viscosity of the medium oil in this state will be reduced, so oil leakage may occur, which will affect the accuracy of pressure control.

We can start from the above four aspects to solve the problem of pressure control accuracy of temperature isostatic compressor in China, so that it can be more widely used.

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