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How to solve the noise of hydraulic press

Release time:2020-06-08 13:19

It is well known that when the hydraulic press suppresses the product, the collision will produce noise. If people work in the noisy noise of the machine for a long time, it will affect people's hearing for a long time. For this reason, the research and development manufacturers of hydraulic press have been trying to find ways to reduce the noise of the machine and the harm of noise to workers at the same time without reducing the efficiency of the hydraulic press.

Let's take a look at the suggestions given by delishi hydraulic press editor:

1、 Reduce the noise of sound source and select servo motor to drive

1. Improve production process and select low-noise hydraulic press.

2. Improve machining and assembly accuracy to reduce noise caused by mechanical vibration and conflict.

3. For high-pressure and high-speed air flow, reduce the pressure difference and flow rate, or change the shape of air flow nozzle.

2、 Control in transit

1. Reasonable design in general layout. When arranging the plane design of the plant and mine, the main noise source workshop or equipment shall be kept away from the workshop, laboratory, office, etc. which are required to be quiet, or the high noise equipment shall be concentrated as much as possible to facilitate the operation.

2. Use additional barriers to prevent noise transmission, or use natural terrain such as hills, slopes, forests, grass or huge buildings or additional structures that are not afraid of noise.

3. Use the directivity of the sound source to control the noise, such as turning the exhaust ports of high-pressure boiler, blast furnace and oxygen generator toward the wilderness or sky, so as to reduce the impact on the environment.

3、 Protection of hydraulic press operators

1. Provide personal protection for workers, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other anti noise articles.

2. Adopt workers' rotation operation to shorten the working time of workers entering high noise environment.

In terms of reducing the noise of the hydraulic press, if you have any good suggestions, welcome to communicate with us. Delis hydraulic press believes that with the joint efforts of all of you, the problem of noise during the operation of the hydraulic press will be solved gradually!

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