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What are the advantages of automatic flat vulcanizer?

Release time:2020-06-08 13:22

Automatic flat vulcanizer is mainly used for vulcanizing flat belt (such as conveyor belt, transmission belt, referred to as flat belt), which belongs to hydraulic machinery. The main function of flat vulcanizer is to provide the pressure and temperature required for vulcanization. The pressure is generated by the hydraulic system through the hydraulic cylinder, and the temperature is provided by the heating medium (usually steam, heat transfer oil, etc., and superheated water is also useful).

The advantages of the model are as follows: the moving template rises after fast in and out, slowly locks the mold, and quickly drops down. The fast turning speed of the mold closing and the fast turning speed of the exhaust can be adjusted separately to improve the production efficiency. The oil circuit configuration is more reasonable and reliable. When the product is vulcanized, the oil pump motor stops working, and has automatic pressure supplement function and oil pump stop delay. In order to meet the process requirements of special rubber compound, there are two program modes: routine plate vulcanizer working mode of program I, transfer mold working mode of program II. Exhaust time, exhaust times, heating temperature, curing time can be set, easy to operate. It has two working modes, manual and automatic. The electrical system adopts the full computer control and electrical control, which makes the control more convenient, accurate and reliable. It adopts original imported oil pump circuit and proportional pressure flow compound valve control, with low noise and energy consumption.

① Under a certain center distance, it is allowed to install a larger diameter hydraulic cylinder, so that the number of hydraulic cylinders can be reduced, and the structure is simple with less maintenance;

② The upper crossbeam has reasonable stress and the required section modulus is much smaller than that of the residential type, which can reduce the weight;

③ The manufacturing and installation are simple, the pipeline configuration is hidden, and the overall appearance is neat and beautiful. The lateral rigidity of single frame plate of frame type flat belt vulcanizer is worse than that of column, but the frame of frame type flat belt vulcanizer is composed of multiple frame plates, so the whole machine has enough lateral rigidity

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