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Vulcanizing Press

Release time:2020-06-09 15:53

Vulcanizing Press

Features of flat vulcanizer:
1. High precision: the parallelism of heating plate and upper and lower platforms is high precision, and the thickness of production products is uniform and the error is small.
2. High operation stability: since the shock absorption setting is adopted in the process of pressure relief, pressurization and return, the overall operation of the equipment is stable, with small impact, greatly extended service life and low noise.
3. The power grid of the enterprise is stable: because the vulcanizer adopts the latest SCR voltage regulating technology, the temperature fluctuation range of the heating plate is controlled in a very small range, so as to obtain high-precision temperature control. At the same time, because the electric power is linearly adjustable, the system has little influence on the fluctuation of the power grid, avoiding the defect of the traditional vulcanizer that the heating rod frequently trips, causing the surge to impact the power grid and burn other equipment.

4. Human machine interface: PLC automatic control technology and large screen touch screen are adopted to realize automatic control operation, real-time monitoring setting and remote switch function of vulcanizer.

5. Energy saving: due to the use of PLC automatic control and silicon controlled voltage regulating system, the equipment operation is more economical and efficient. At the same time, combined with the unique energy-saving oil circuit control system, high and low pressure oil pump configuration and timely shutdown function, the operation cost of the equipment is greatly saved.

Main technical parameters of the press:

Maximum clamping force(T)Hydraulic system pressure(MPa)Heating plate size(mm)Hot plate spacing(mm)Working Layer
Maximum operating temperature(℃)

Note: the above performance parameters are for reference only and are subject to the order agreement.

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